Designed by Enthusiasts

Every product we design and create will be to enhance the immersive feeling. Each component has to work together like a single unit…


Built for Competition

We grew up in the Counter Stirke era, we play hard and the hardware simply has to stand up to the torture!


Breaking Stereotypes

It’s a pretty popular consensus that gamers are fat, pimply guys that drink Coke Cola, scarf down pepperoni pizzas and lack a social life…


Amazing Community

Being able to control your avatar with natural movements eliminates the learning curve so even non-gamers can join in…

MUEV360 - Aiming High


MUEV360™ is dedicated to innovating, manufacturing and delivering virtual reality interfaces to fans throughout the globe.

There’s always been a strong demand for equipment that truly provides immersive experiences. Today, computer processing powers have finally caught up to making virtual reality experiences possible and affordable which are equally as important.

The uses for the TRED are not limited to gaming and can be expanded into to training simulation, medical rehabilitation, health training, educational experiences, virtual tours, convention attendances and much more. Many governmental medical, military and education agencies have already begun researching the use of the harnessed treadmill. Users can walk unlimitedly in one direction in a virtual environment yet never leave their real and original position. The design and size of the treadmill is an obvious space and cost saver for many institutions.

The industry is already exploding, we’re the late comers and probably the under-dogs but we’re still going to work hard. With your support, it will be worth it.

Thank you, sincerely, your team @ MUEV360™


MUEV360™ isn’t comprised of high flyers, we’re comprised of gaming geeks that defy nationality and borders. We’re the underdogs, we didn’t have the financial resources, management support or manufacturing experience. We began as a consumer of virtual reality products that grew frustrated at the long waits, high prices and lack of communications. So we decided to try to create something better, faster and cheaper.

We know we're not that pretty... but this is... LOL

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