MUEV360 Premiered and Thanks XBOXs’ Thunder

Shanghai, China – 11/13/2014 MUEV360’s TRED Virtual Reality Treadmill premiered to over 700 cyber cafe owners coming from all corners of China. The event was originally for the sales of the Xbox and was covered by over 20 media outlets including CCTV and PPTV, but showcased other products including the TRED by MUEV360. At the end of the event, cyber cafe owners expressed huge interest in the TRED believing it to be essential in revitalizing their industry.

China had 1.1 million registered cybercafe licensees in 2011 according to The Ministry of Culture but the industry has been in severe decline due to cheaper home computing, faster home internet lines and mobile games that are more convenient. Cyber cafes have been looking for options to revive their industry with little to no avail, with some transforming into full fledged coffee shops and others going as far as hiring pretty girls to sit next to customers while they surf the net. These measures have proven quite unsuccessful and the industry is still looking for options. On November 11, 2014 they finally met the virtual reality (VR) experience.

Many cyber cafe owners now believe that the VR industry is the next stage of internet gaming, agree that it’s still too expensive for the Chinese public but viable for their businesses much like when computers were first introduced two decades ago. With a maturing Chinese market many of the younger generation are growing up with values, beliefs and interests similar to their western counterparts and internet gaming is already fully entrenched into their lives. The industry knows this and China seems to be on the way to adopting virtual reality on a large scale in the near future.


Interesting Statistics


Online Gamers in China 2013


Billion Yuan Industry Worth 2013
or USD$ 13 billion


Cyber cafes in China 2011
not including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan


China Global Gaming Revenue Share 2013


Year China will surpass North America in Gaming Revenue

Tested and Good to Go!

Announcement 1.

I’m really happy to announce that we’ve finished final testing of the SENZ – “Runners Pack” which focuses on lower body movement tracking.  We can officially confirm the following functions:

  • Jump and Double Jump
  • Crouch, Crouch and Walk Simultaneously
  • Walk Forward and Backwards
  • Strafe left and Right
  • Turn 360 degree

We will be using 3 SENZ trackers that attach to the waist, left leg and right leg. The pricing is currently still not available but we’re working hard to make VR affordable for the masses. Please stay tuned and we promise we’ll keep you updated.

Announcement 2.

V3 TRED is here and available for testing! Our treadmill is improved and ready for testing and manufacturing!  We’ll be uploading new videos so be on the look out!


Thank You, Everyone!

Sinncerely, Your Team #MUEV360

New to the Party

We want to thank everyone for their help in getting us this far. We finally have our web site up and running, our phase one products are already in the final stages of testing and we’re starting to record our Kickstarter campaign.

In the coming weeks we’ll be bringing you news and official release information on our first three products:

  • TRED – Our omni-directional treadmill for virtual reality gaming, health and education uses.
  • SENZ – The first of our basic motion capture sensors specifically designed for the lower body.
  • RAEG – A wireless gun controller for major butt-kicking!

Special thanks to Kent, Joe and Ben for your patience and all the pizza crusts!

Your Team @Muev360

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