Q. What makes you different than Virtuix or Cyberith.

The Virtuix Omni was the first omni-directional treadmill that became popular through Kickstarter. They’re a competitor with different features, designs and management styles. They’re a great company that had a ground breaking product and we view them as one of the catalyst to the VR revolution. Cheers to Virtuix and Jan.

Cyberith is just wrapping up their successful Kickstarter, we congratulate them and wish them continued blessings. They started their Kickstarter two (2) weeks before we planned to so we’ve decided to re-schedule. Other than that, the Cyberith is also a great machine that also has different features than the TRED and the Virtuix Omni.

We know this is a major question which most people wouldn’t address but we decided differently. Both companies are great and we’re pretty sure we are too.  Although we’re all competitors, we have complete respect for the both of them and wish them the best of luck.

Q. When will you be compatible with PS4 or Xbox One?

We’re working really hard and believe that we’ll have a working solution by January. In the meantime, if you are or know anyone that can do it faster, we’re interested in paying a royalty to put it on our system earlier or you can choose to create one with the Dev Kit we’ll be publishing soon and either sell or give it away for free! We believe in innovators and sharing the wealth.

Q. Does the TRED only work with the RIFT?

No, there are quite a few good virtual reality goggles out on the market that work with different systems. TRED operates as a replacement for your keyboard and mouse only. Other VR goggle brands:

– Sony HMZT3
– Avagant Glyph
– Infineteye
– Gameface Mark IV
– The Dive

or check out this video:
Reality Check – 6 Exciting Alternatives to the Oculus Rift

Q. What else can I use the TRED for?

From health, to business, to networking to education, there’s nothing like moving around to give you a truly immersive feeling: exercise, travel to virtual conventions, meet friends in the virtual world or walk around ancient times. It’s just way cooler!

Q. What games are compatible with the TRED?

Any game that controls movement with the keyboard is basically compatible. SENZ replaces the most basic keyboard control functions and some mouse functions.

Q. What movements does the TRED support?

Forward, backwards, strafe left and right, jump and crouch, turn 360 degrees (Senz Ver.2.0+ Runners  Pack).

Q. Am I tethered to the ring and can I turn 360?

Yes and yes. The ring is a moving wheel that supports up to 150 Kg or 330 lbs.

Q. Why an oval base instead of a flat base?

After trying both methods we decided using an oval base with shoes was simply just cooler, not to mention less tiring,  more comfortable and more natural.

Q. How safe is using your TRED?

We’ve designed the TRED to be 100% safe and in fact almost 50% of the cost of the TRED is entirely committed to safety.

Q. Why do I need a pair of shoes and can I make my own?

The shoes contribute to the smoothness when walking. You can definitely make your own and if you’re up for it, sell your designs here. More information about selling on Muev360.com coming soon.

Q. Do I need a Kinect to use the TRED?

No. We only used the Kinect in the early stages to test our platform.

Q. Can i have your Kinect code?

Yes. We will be releasing the Kinect files and FAAST files we used to do the initial testing. Hopefully we’ll start seeing more great DIY’s and perhaps some new innovative breakthroughs.

Q. Can I buy the TRED only and use other sensors?

Yes. Noitom and Yei Technology are great products which represent the future and can be used with our TRED. We’ll also be starting a program soon where inventors perhaps like yourself can invent their own sensor and resell on our website.

Q. Can I cancel my purchase or get a refund on my donation(s)?

Absolutely! Anytime before we ship, you may cancel your order and even get a refund on your donation(s).
*Only donations with the promise of a TRED are applicable.

Q. Why are you able to deliver so soon?

We have already established a network of re-sellers and have a fair amount of machines on order in Asia. Our Kickstarter campaign is for the benefit of us (naturally) and friends worldwide.

Q. What if you delay shipment.

Anytime before we ship, you may cancel your order and even get a refund on your donation(s).

Q.  What if you come out with a new TRED?

All purchases made within 90 days before a new versions’ initial shipment date will be eligible for upgrade.

* The buyer will be responsible for all shipping charges and price differences. The original product may be required to be returned.

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lebedev ilya
January 22, 2016 - 8:01 am / Reply

Hello. Can I place an order to Russia?
If place order now when will the shipment tred?

February 22, 2016 - 4:20 pm / Reply

Sorry, we’re currently not shipping to Russia. Please refer back in 2 months.

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